Radtrack Radon Review

There has been a growing need for performance advertising and marketing software application that affiliate online marketers and online entrepreneurs to keep an eye on, understand, anticipate as well as deal with the ups as well as downs of their affiliate advertising and marketing campaigns. Many platforms have been created to meet this purpose, yet just a couple of have been successful with a viable digital marketing option.

RedTrack.io has upped the game in the affiliate tracking industry by designing and establishing a platform that permits affiliate online marketers and media buyers to deal with complex performance tracking and data utilizing a single, agile tool that scales and also adapts as they grow.

You can segment your data by website traffic sources to understand just how they are all performing. RedTrack.io takes care of raw digital marketing data at speed, volume, and price that traditional solutions cannot match. We go more into detail in this Radtrack Radon review.

Radtrack Radon

Radtrack Radon – In-depth RedTrack.io Review


RedTrack.io is an international and top affiliate marketing system that promotes tracking & analytics. The system was founded in Lithuania in 2015 as well as was made with the goal of helping affiliates and also media buying groups around the world get optimal ROI. The service offers many powerful tools like affiliate marketing tracker and advanced analytics platform that is a 3rd party tool that helps affiliates and also media buying teams to get a greater ROI. The tracking platform supports all the advance modes of data deployment including Cloud, SaaS, Web, etc and also you can track the performance of your traffic sources with instantaneous reports.


It has actually been praised internationally specifically for their prompt and comprehensive client support and training for directing customers through problematic twists and turns. Training features include training by means of Documentation as well as Live On-line training.


Why should you make use of RedTrack?


The greatest benefit with RedTrack tracking software application is the simplicity of use. It provides an intuitive user interface and there is no fancy design and dozens of buttons. It has the excellent user interface for beginners.

Radtrack Radon

Although they consistently include brand-new functions, their interface remains simple and easy-to-use. If you are brand-new to tracking and also analytics, RedTrack will come out as an extremely helpful and also very easy tool for you. The tracker’s interface is extremely straightforward as well as convenient.


RedTrack is SaaS tracker as well as it’s a 100% web-based tool. You don’t require to set up anything or hassle with geo balancing. You simply need to register, and you’re ready to work. So, it is considerably scalable and results in lighting fast click processing. Self-hosted options can not take on them in the speed.


RedTrack constantly advances and also innovate. Every month they bring out a minimum of 2 large updates. They add brand-new features and upgrade the old functionality.

And also, they have actually created the Telegram Community where users can share their demands and suggestions for making their tracker experience (with RedTrack) better.

RedTrack stands out at technical support. These guys are doing an exceptional job in supplying phenomenal assistance to the users of their tracking platform. They provide punctual replies and free individual onboarding to their customers. Their support team offers prompt aid in case you deal with any issues in the set up of postbacks, including affiliate networks or website traffic sources.


They have greater than 20 step-by-step integration guides for affiliate Network s such as Clickbank, DigitalRaves, AdCombo, Leadbit, CrakRevenue, MaxBounty, and so on; and also traffic sources such as Facebook, PPCMate, Bing Ads, ExoClick, PropellerAds, AdCash, MGID, PopCash, etc. They also offer a large Knowledge Base. You obtain access to loads of step-by-step integration guidebooks. Versatile S2S postback tracking technique with no 3rd party cookies enables customers to track ads across all web browsers with no restrictions. This function is especially useful now when the world of digital advertising is entering the 3rd party cookie-less period.


Radtrack Radon

They also have a fraud-detection program called Fraud Report, which tracks potentially fraudulent or bot clicks so users know whether they’re likely to lose money by purchasing deceitful web traffic. This bot detection feature is available at a small additional charge however aids you to check the website traffic quality you acquire.


It offers the best tracking option at cost-efficient prices and also is much more budget-friendly than others out there.


Redtrack.io For Starters

Radtrack Radon

You do not need to worry if you are a newbie. RedTrack supplies simply the right tools with easy learning curves to make you feel like a expert quickly. The system supplies a state of the art affiliate campaign tracker that is smooth and also easy to use. The tool is rapid as well as gets immediately up and running once it is set up.

There are no servers needed whatsoever as well as you will obtain quick redirects worldwide. In addition, you get to play with their highly customizable templates, presets, etc. and hop on video directions .

RedTrack.io has actually been worldwide identified as one of the very best as well as easy-to-use tools for affiliate & performance campaign tracking and also analytics. It has actually established an advanced platform that permits both affiliate online marketers and media buyers to assemble and track performance data that aids to make best use of online profits.

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RedTrack.io For Advanced Users

Radtrack Radon

If you are a professional and know the moves in the affiliate play ground, then RedTrack will aid you efficiently scale up your campaigns. Functions like Auto-scaling, Geo-balancing, API access, LP protection, etc. guarantee your campaign numbers go through the roof.

The tracking as well as analytics tools are extremely versatile and straightforward to use with custom domains, filter & cloaking, AI optimized smart-links and also even more.

Possibly, this is the reason why RedTrack has {resulted in|led to such an ingenious and sophisticated tracking option.

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Just How Does RedTrack Work?

Radtrack Radon

Among the major attractions of RedTrack is its ability to track ads via every step of the funnel. From the impression to up to 10 conversion events, it offers you complete tracking with no redirects. It discovers non-human clicks as well as avoids them for you, while tracking exactly how much you’re making via manual or automated cost updates.

RedTrack also auto-generates reports on your advertisement campaigns, meaning you obtain real-time data that can be grouped right into custom reports as well as data visualizations. All of this information is consolidated into one UI, which customers can add employees onto for better collaboration.


They likewise offer an auto-optimization tool where you can react to how well particular advertisements are performing immediately. If a marketing campaign’s activity falls below a particular limit, it can be auto-paused through RedTrack while notifying the user right away. This is done with automated A/B tests that discover high performing combinations.

This all includes user-friendly, one-click integration with the most prominent online platforms such as Google and Facebook that doesn’t utilize any kind of redirects or third-party cookies.

RedTrack has smartly integrated cookie-less tracking functions that tracks the entire funnel journey of a customer in the cookieless period.


How Much Does RedTrack Cost?

Radtrack Radon

RedTrack presently has 4 payment plans– Basic, Pro, Team, as well as Agency.


Each plan has a regular monthly payment choice or an annual payment choice, with the latter being the less costly choice across the board.

Radtrack Radon

The Basic plan offers limitless campaigns, conversions, advanced reporting and also targeting, and also 3 customized domains for $49 a month, or $41 a month if billed each year.


The Pro plan provides every one of the Basic functions, however consists of unlimited domains, impression tracking, as well as automated features. It sets you back $99 a month, or $83 a month if billed each year.


On the other hand, the Team plan, which goes for $199 a month as well as $166 a month via an annual payment, adds a white-label publisher panel as well as gives access to added staff members in addition to all of the Pro plan’s functions.


For $399 a month or $333 a month with annual payments, clients can purchase the Agency plan. This durable alternative includes a white-label reporting panel on top of all the functions listed in the previous payment plans.

RedTrack additionally offers a totally free 14-day contractless trial for any kind of individuals brand-new to ad tracking. They also enable customers to talk about custom-tailored options based upon particular company requirements.


Free Version


In addition to the plans stated above, RedTrack further provides a free membership plan with 50,000 events per month. Enrolling in this plan is ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY FREE as well as only email is called for. The very best part is that you can upgrade when you require it.

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Customized plan


One more intriguing feature is that  individuals can additionally create a customized plan. All you require to do is ring them or email them.

For even more details regarding their plans, prices, features, summary, and also customizations, go to the RedTrack official website


RedTrack Pros


  • Performance-based rules
  • Parallel tracking (Google Ads)
  • Web traffic source templates
  • Affiliate network templates
  • LP Pixel – Split test or rotate offers with LP tracking pixels.
  • Landing page multi-offer.
  • Offer conversion reporting.
  • Gain access to a high loaded user interface and also custom dashboard.
  • Create multiple smart streams for traffic distribution based upon pre-set as well as custom parameters
  • AI-Smartlinks – AI-based algorithms that make sure of maximum ROI.
  • Redirects are constantly rapid and reports are constantly real-time.
  • Set up automated rules to stop campaign based on its performance.
  • Advanced and also effective distributed infrastructure
  • Real-time, comprehensive analytics into conversions data.
  • Protect your landing web page from being followed by spy-tool crawlers.
  • Track clicks across display, mobile, app, native, push, e-mail, organic.

Radtrack Radon

RedTrack Cons


  • Limitations exist in the starter plan
  • Absence of multi-currency support

What is RedTrack?

Radtrack Radon

Generally, RedTrack is a trusted affiliate advertising tracking service for media buyers. It also offers real-time access to advertisement tracking, impressions, clicks and conversions throughout multiple channels. You will certainly obtain a detailed report with greater than 30 data attribution points as well as multi touch attribution that fix the problem of inaccurate decisions that result in a waste of time as well as cash.


RedTrack.io utilizes first party cookies to store one-of-a-kind IDs for impressions, clicks and conversions, as well as high-load big-data-ready technology to create, collect and also process them. It manages raw digital advertising and marketing data at speed, volume and also cost that tradition services cannot match.


RedTrack is an innovative advertisement tracking as well as conversion attribution option.


Does RedTrack Deal Any Free Trial?


Yes! RedTrack provides 14-days Free Trial that you can utilize in order to try their services free of cost.

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Does RedTrack supply overviews, tutorials and or customer support?


RedTrack is easy to use and also their team is always prepared to aid. From their extensive documentation and Frequently Asked Questions to e-mail and live chat they are here to assist. Every RedTrack customer can request cost-free onboarding as well as screen-sharing sessions.


Final Thoughts – Redtrack Review 2020

Radtrack Radon

RedTrack has the core collection of functions for a demanding affiliate or performance marketing expert. The tool frequently develops to mirror the changes in performance advertising methods and demands. You get to handle your very own custom control panel to access all useful information and also actions and use your very own custom-made domains.


On the monetary front, RedTrack.io is fairly priced to suit your budget as well as serve your needs at the same time. You can also produce a custom plan by consulting their support team. The analytics tool is powerful enough to aid you monitor, recognize, predict and also handle the ups and downs of your affiliate advertising campaigns.

So if you intend to monitor your affiliate advertising and marketing campaign with no hassles, the RedTrack is the appropriate tool to make use of!

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Thanks for reading our Radtrack Radon review.

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