Sendowtek Multi Charger For Galaxy Samsung Review

What is SendOwl? What does it do?

Sendowtek Multi Charger For Galaxy Samsung

SendOwl allows you to sell digital products online with a shopping cart and ecommerce platform. It connects with the payment provider such as Stripe so you earn money (more on this below) and it instantly provides the files to the buyers once payment has actually finished. There are great deals of advantages to using software application for this however the main factors are:


  • it automates a tiresome manual procedure for users


  • it offers much better security than manually delivering files


  • it provides a better user experience by offering the buyer access to their items instantly rather than waiting on manual action.


In reality anyone who offers more than a few items monthly utilizes a piece of software application like SendOwl to deal with the task.


More normally SendOwl does a lot more than this – it connects with mailing list service providers so buyers can be automatically added to subscriber lists, it lets you upsell purchasers in the checkout flow and it lets you run an affiliate program to increase sales. In fact it does a lot more than this.

Fortunately is that SendOwl sticks to low, fixed regular monthly pricing, so you’re not slammed with fees for transactions or for being too successful. If this sounds intriguing to you, keep reading to check out the full Sendowtek Multi Charger For Galaxy Samsung – SendOwl review.


Who is it for?


SendOwl is appropriate for you if you want to sell any of the list below kinds of items


  • Software
  • Subscriptions
  • Ebooks
  • Videos
  • Video Games
  • Comics
  • Music
  • Magazines
  • Audio Tracks
  • License Keys

Also, though they mostly label themselves as a ‘digital goods’ selling platform, they do support the selling of tangible products too. A few of the SendOwl features, nevertheless, make it a really beneficial platform for offering a digital product.


A few of the SendOwl features make it a really useful platform for offering digital and physical items in tandem. However, a big-seller of physical products would not discover SendOwl that effective compared to other options. We’ll explore that below.


Who is SendOwl suitable for?

Sendowtek Multi Charger For Galaxy Samsung

Now, although SendOwl is a great choice, obviously not all e-commerce solutions are the right ones for each situation or user. SendOwl is best for both bloggers and site owners who are wanting to offer their items easily and quickly. SendOwl is most suited to shops that offer a small number of products, rather than an e-commerce store that offers thousands, although it isn’t restricted to this.


SendOwl can be utilized with content management systems such as WordPress; you simply require to make certain that you can pass your button codes. It doesn’t consist of a content management system like a few of the other e-commerce platforms such as Bigcommerce and Shopify.


This simplicity is great for those who currently have a WordPress website and do not want to desert it, simply to begin selling items.


What do I need to use SendOwl?

Sendowtek Multi Charger For Galaxy Samsung

You need somewhere to sell from. Generally SendOwl sellers fall into three categories:


Offer from social media accounts or email lists – in this case SendOwl is all you need. Use our buy buttons to point your purchasers to a pay form and you’re good to go.


Sell from your website – in this case you also need a site! This is not something SendOwl provides however there’s loads of terrific free solutions out there such as WordPress, SquareSpace or Google Sites. Once you have a site you can add the SendOwl buttons on to your item pages so consumers can purchase your products. SendOwl only supplies the checkout and not the item listing pages. However if that’s an issue you may like to examine the next alternative.


Sell from an ecommerce software driven site – some individuals have a large amount of products therefore need a complete blown ecommerce solution to manage their listings. Other prefer to have a subdomain on their site like You can also integrate in with Shopify to provide this. Shopify is the worlds leading ecommerce software application although they specialise in physical product. By combing Shopify and SendOwl you have the capability to sell digital products with an ecommerce backend. You can likewise launch the items to clients by means of a timed link or by means of a link with a limited number of downloads with SendOwl.


Lastly, SendOwl has the drip functionality which lets you release content slowly over time, instead of simultaneously.


All, or any of the combinations above, can be integrated. So it’s possible for example to offer from Shopify and utilize SendOwl for buy direct buttons at the same time.


What about payments?


In order for your purchasers to buy an item on SendOwl you require to plug in a payment gateway. We support PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Bancontact, Giropay, iDEAL, SOFORT, BitPay and Shopify although there are transaction fees.


Oddly, used to be supported, but it’s because been eliminated under the payment gateway settings.


These business offer the monetary side of things and hold your cash when somebody buys one of your items. They likewise payout your money when you want to withdraw to a checking account. SendOwl does not touch or hold your cash at any point – the purchaser sends the money directly to you the seller. This benefits you as it suggests there’s no third party involved in the actual transaction.


Consumer Experience


SendOwl enables you to provide a simple buying experience. The business has actually spent much of its advancement time and resources improving the digital shipment check out.


This checkout only takes a moment to set up, and everything comes together as a nice package after you’ve published a few products. SendOwl then offers a number of alternatives for sharing your item page with clients on social media or on your website.

SendOwl also has a good Quick Sell link to send to consumers you have actually currently made the sale to. This allows you and your customer to exceed the entire shopping cart area, enhancing conversions and lessening any frustration for the customer.


Features to Assist You Sell More


Besides the conversion-optimized checkout module and template, SendOwl provides an onslaught of marketing and sales tools for making more money.


For instance, it has upsells and bump offers you can attach to each product page, together with cart abandonment features for bringing individuals back to your website. The boosted subscriber list integrations are sure to keep your brand in client minds. Not to mention, the payment alternatives include ApplePay, Bitcoin, and Bancontact.

Sendowtek Multi Charger For Galaxy Samsung

You must likewise watch out for a brand-new function for picking various checkout styles and design template although sometimes style customization might be limited.


One of these features allows you to develop item ‘bundles’ so that you can group related products together and encourage more sales. You can likewise quickly create completely trackable discount rate codes, with total control over redemption based on period, particular product/s or spend amounts. What lots of might discover to be the most beneficial function is SendOwl’s integrated affiliate system.


This system permits you to enlist and manage individuals interested in offering your items for a commission. As anyone acquainted with online affiliate marketing operations would understand, it can get relatively complex and time-consuming to establish such an affiliate program for a supplier. SendOwl’s affiliate system makes it very simple for you to use an affiliate program and enjoy the advantages of having a sales force without sustaining any fixed expenses.


SendOwl will then do all the tracking and offer reports so you can pay your affiliates. Generating reports and detailed analytics is the best way to see client activities.


PDF stamping features also allow you to place a watermark on your files to prevent people from stealing your content. You can likewise get integrations with e-mail marketing tools so that you can encourage consumers to join.

Free Trial:


A 30-day complimentary trial is used on all SendOwl plans to let you check out and experience the platform. No charge card required.

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How much does SendOwl cost?

Sendowtek Multi Charger For Galaxy Samsung

Like other hosted platforms, SendOwl charges a monthly charge. prices begins at $9 per month on the Standard model, which allows you to offer 10 items with 1 GB of storage area. There’s no limitation on the bandwidth needed for consumers to download your items and you’ll have upsells, bump offers, video streaming, cart abandonment, PDF stamping, integration and more.


For further functions you can choose among the following plans:


$ 15 a month– 30 items and 3GB of storage.


$ 24 a month– 100 items and 5 GB of storage.


$ 39 a month– 250 products and 15 GB of storage.


These rates are for their standard hosted plans. Further, plans are available for self-hosted and subscription users.


SendOwl does not charge any fees per item or per sale. The month-to-month fee is all you’ll pay. Of course, you will still have per-transaction costs from PayPal, Stripe or whatever payment gateway you use.

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How do I start with SendOwl?

Sendowtek Multi Charger For Galaxy Samsung

You’ll be pleased to understand that the process is both fast and simple. To begin with from their homepage, click on the “register” link, next click the button that says, ‘start your freetrial.’ This is where you will enter your individual information such as name, country, email address and password.


Your account will now have been created and you can access SendOwl’s dashboard.


So, as you most likely already understand, prior to you can sell anything, you will need to establish a payment gateway. The payment gateway options can be accessed at any time through the ‘account tab’ and the link ‘payment gateways’ For those who are using PayPal, all you will require to do is click the box for PayPal, then punch in your email address for PayPal.


Now, to create your very first product, simply click the tab that states, ‘products’ then the button ‘add new item.’.


From here you will have the ability to choose the product type, name and price it and for digital items, the file can be uploaded.


The next action is to select the button type that you want to produce. For numerous products, it is recommended to pick the ‘add to cart’ button’ which means that purchasers will still have the ability to continue shopping and acquiring products if they wish. For one item, you will most likely wish to utilize the button ‘immediate buy,’ which bypasses the shopping cart procedure and directs them straight to the checkout.


You will then be sent a code for the button from SendOwl which you just paste to your website, in the position where you desire it to show. If you’re utilizing WordPress, then just click on the tab ‘text’ prior to pasting the code. Keep in mind though; the code won’t work if you try and paste it on while still on the tab ‘visual.’. Now your first product is ready to offer!


Naturally, there is a load more than you have the ability to personalize by utilizing SendOwl, such as tax computations, customer emails and even the visual appearance of the shopping cart.


You can likewise consist of discount coupons for some style personalization. You just need to input the following data:.


  • Name of the voucher: name the discount coupon in question.


  • Minimum Cart Worth: Specifies whether the discount coupon can only be applied to a purchase with a minimum amount


  • Item limited: information if the voucher is limited to specific items.


  • Use limited: defines if the discount coupon is only for a specific usage.


  • Time restricted: controls whether the coupon is restricted to a time period.


  • Auto-Generate or Custom: if you inspect the first box, the program will create the voucher immediately. In contrast with “Custom-made” you can compose the text or word that will define the coupon.

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Sendowtek Multi Charger For Galaxy Samsung

Is Sendowl Safe?


All files (items) are stored securely and you can choose to launch them to clients by means of either a timed link or a link with a preset number of download permissions. It would not be possible to download a file via a link once its time frame has ended or the number of allowed downloads are made. Videos can be configured to stream rather than download.

Strong support for software application and/or other items requiring license keys is also offered, with the platform looking after tasks like generation, safe storage, releasing and circulation of keys. Security for PDF files is offered by immediately stamping them with the buyers’ names and email addresses. As you can readily think of, buyers are less most likely to share and spread stamped files.


  • Unique resources.
  • Pro selling suggestions.
  • Tutorials and ebooks.

If you encounter any problems, the support team ought to enjoy to assist you to fix the concerns you are dealing with.

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Sendowtek Multi Charger For Galaxy Samsung

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