Voluum Click Url Review

Voluum Click Url

The media buying and advertising process requires you to be quickly familiar with what campaigns are running, what’s the targeting you’ve got, the bids, which transforms you’ve made, what profit each campaign accounts for, and so on.

That’s why getting a tracker like Voluum is a must.

Back in 2014, Voluum proved itself to be among the best up-and-coming tracking platforms in the marketplace for affiliate media buyers. Fast-forward to today, and this tool has developed itself as the go-to tracker for marketers around the globe.

Henceforth, we’ve decided to write a Voluum review to help users decide if they want to make the most of this ingenious tool.

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Standout Functions


Automizer as well as Traffic Source Integrations

Voluum Click Url

Setting up and using a tracker is a quite basic procedure in the affiliate world. Yet, even experienced online marketers can find it difficult to manage a large number of campaigns now and then. This is where Voluum Automizer ends up being pertinent.

Automizer is their brand new automation tool based upon two foundations: automation rules & web traffic source integrations

The latter lets you to totally integrate with different web traffic sources such as Facebook Ads, Taboola, etc. This not only allows you establish your campaigns promptly and also effectively however likewise execute actions on your campaigns directly via Voluum:

  • pause/turn off your campaigns,
  • bid up or down based on campaigns, zones & sites
  • leave out non-converting zones
  • instantly update your traffic-source costs
  • and form rules

With Automizer, you can likewise develop vital cost integration with Google Ads and Facebook.



Once you completely integrate particular website traffic sources, you can after that set up your very own automation rules.

  • Instantly pause or resume campaigns or single custom variables when your conditions are satisfied.
  • Be alerted when there are sudden modifications in the performance of your campaigns or offers. You can get them on both desktop as well as mobile.
  • Mark customized variables with vibrant icons instantly when they satisfy established conditions.

The rules feature will certainly let you save lots of time as well as automate a piece of your everyday work.

Traffic Source and also Affiliate Network Templates

Voluum Click Url

Apart From full integrations, Voluum allows you access to templates for a variety of offers, traffic sources, and affiliate networks.

This feature contains 35 templates from some of the most typical web traffic sources and 15+ templates from prominent networks that aid you to hit the ground running.

Different Tracking Options

One of the most evident function a tracker must have is the capability to track individual actions precisely. Voluum takes it to a whole new level by providing users tracking functions like:

  • Direct tracking pixel
  • Impression, custom conversions as well as SSL domain tracking

If you didn’t get one or more postbacks for your conversions, you can after that manually submit them to Voluum.

Manual Cost Update

Voluum Click Url


Along with the capacity to upload conversions, the manual cost update attribute allows customers to customize campaign costs directly through the tracker. This process is also manual, and also it’s important in cases where your web traffic sources are not sharing the cost information immediately.

Lander Protection Script


All software program service providers are under a lot of pressure to develop a secure environment for users. By applying attributes like lander protection scripts, Voluum has actually utilized this opportunity to enhance its relationship with its consumers.

This security function lets you secure top performing landing web pages as it removes visitors that did not originate from a campaign URL, which boosts conversion rates while reducing costs

Bear in mind that the code needs PHP in order to be executed , so it can not be used in all scenarios.

Bot Discovery and also Dubious Website Traffic Filter

Voluum Click Url

Bot traffic is a big trouble in native, pop, redirect, and push web traffic. Along with making your campaign more expensive, bots can additionally mess with your performance metrics and make optimization baffling at best. It can be expensive if not addressed, which is the reason why Voluum has implemented a questionable traffic filter plus bot detection capabilities.

This tracking software program uses a script called the honeypot to figure out the percentage of bots clicking on your web links. Setting up the script is really basic as well. All you require to do is duplicate the script with the right tracking domain name right into the components of the landing page you wish to oversee.

The honeypot script can be made use of on landing web pages only, which indicates that it’s not proper for direct link campaigns. Thankfully, Voluum likewise finds other kinds of questionable clicks that are set off by various other sources.



This attribute is a new addition to the platform, as well as the idea is reasonably uncomplicated. It permits users to be able to place a marker or visual tag to different campaign variables depending on their performance. This enables you to quickly determine what metrics are doing well as well as which ones require to be altered.

Notices as well as Customized Alerts


One of our top Voluum attributes is the platform’s capacity to send out notices and alerts. Depending on your setups, you can be updated based on different events as well as milestones achieved in your campaign. You can even get them on your mobile devices as the tracking software has apps available for both iOS and Android.

System notifications are pre-programmed in Voluum as well as can be triggered by the following occurrences:

  • First conversion
  • First campaign with traffic
  • Various conversion cap limits
  • Failed payments
  • Various other payment issues

Customized alerts, on the other hand, are completely individualized. You choose what events are important fo you. Are you testing a new offer? Your campaign isn’t receiving any kind of conversions? You’re trying a brand-new vertical? With alerts, you will not need to be affixed to your desktop. All you’ve got to do is put up the alert criteria. The minute the conditions are fulfilled, you will certainly be promptly notified.

Auto-Campaign Optimization

Voluum Click Url

As any type of marketing professional would inform you, optimization is an art form that you can only get a grasp on using practice. Established marketing professionals might not have much usage for this function. Nonetheless, if you’re just learning the ropes or don’t have much time on your hands to monitor all your campaigns, auto-campaign optimization can be an excellent tool.

This kind of optimization automatically produces A/B payment that consist of different landers and also offers to make sure that it can redirect the very best traffic to the very best offer based upon ROI and other criteria. It works with twenty-four-hour cycles in order to maintain the results up-to-date.

Analysis Pack


Scrutinizing the performance of your campaign is crucial, and Voluum allows you access to all the data you’ll ever before require in different formats. You can quickly create countless of reports that are produced in real time and consist of approximately thirty distinct data points. Some of the added analysis features consist of:

  • Traffic logs
  • Numerous currencies including euros, pounds, dollars and a great deal more
  • A dedicated reporting API

Optimization Capacities


For clients that prefer manual optimization, Voluum consists of a full suite of features that make optimizing campaigns easier. For example, you can:

  • Run A/B tests for flows
  • Apply UP and UA filtering
  • Override redirects dynamically
  • Redirect to brand-new offers after having actually reached conversion caps
  • Establish rule-based targeting

Voluum Click Url

Voluum Pros


  • Really quick
  • Shields your data
  • No investment in extra equipment
  • User friendly
  • Variety of stats
  • You can work with others.
  • Split testing
  • AI-Powered

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Voluum Disadvantages

  • Absence of customer assistance.
  • It is a cloud-based solution, suggesting that it only stores your information for a limited duration. This indicates that if you wish to check your campaign performance from greater than a year back as an example, then that is not feasible.


Voluum Pricing as well as Plans

Voluum Click Url

Voluum’s plans and also price structure have actually gone through a great deal of changes since the business launched. After numerous years on the somewhat higher end of the range, the tracker’s price has dropped just recently, and the business has also enhanced the number of functions readily available on all plans.

The Discover plan is one of the most moderately valued, as well as it enables up to twenty campaigns as well as 3 months of data retention. It provides limited tracking features, and also it’s aptfor affiliates learning the ropes.

Experienced individuals that are seeing an increase in should go with either the Profit or Grow plans, which allow 6 as well as twelve months of information retention respectively. Both enable unlimited campaigns, numerous custom domains, and also advanced tracking functions.

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Final Thoughts on Voluum


Voluum has been around for plenty of time and is most likely to be here well into the future. It has actually established itself as a dependable and also beneficial affiliate advertising and marketing tracking tool.

If you are new to this application or even brand-new to affiliate advertising tracking, after that you can check out pointers via a Voluum tutorial online to get a much better idea of how to track your campaign.

Voluum is an effective tool, and although it does have some small flaws, the positives take precedence over the downsides, as well as it is just one of the most effective affiliate marketing tracking platforms to make use of today.

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